Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Very Old Renderings

AlienA quick conversation with my buddy Lou this morning made me think about the good ol' days when I was in college and was doing a little oil painting. I remember I took an illustration class, and the whole point of the class was to explore different mediums for creating illustrations. We would essentially pick a photograph and render it in the "Medium of the Week." If I remember correctly we had nine projects that semester, each project we tried out a new medium. I remember how much I enjoyed painting with oils. The Alien rendering above was my first oil painting. The girl image was a graphite (pencil) rendering, and the T-Rex was done with goache. The TF-18 painting was my second and last oil painting- that was from an open project (do whatever you want) illustration class I took in my final semester at school. Even though I loved the blends and being able to rework the oils for days on end, I don't think I'll be picking them up again until I get into a different workspace- having all those fumes build up in my little work area would knock me over. Guess I'll stick with acrylics for a while...


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