Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Now A Photojournalist

So Saturday night I went to Shag's Conspicious Consumption show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. The good folks over at Guillotine asked if I'd help them out and take a few pics of the show. Guillotine is a pretty cool French Art/Toy/Sneaker/Lifestyle site that has these neat photo features of artist's studios- that's how I came to be familiar with their site. Anyway, I got to the show early to make sure I could get some good "uncrowded" pics, and shot away with my trusty old point 'n shoot digital camera. You can see the photos here. Not bad if I do say so myself- maybe I have a new career starting here...

Addendum- the good folks over at Vinyl Pulse heard I went to the Shag show as well, so I shared my pics with them too. You can experience deja vu here.

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