Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Now A Photojournalist

So Saturday night I went to Shag's Conspicious Consumption show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. The good folks over at Guillotine asked if I'd help them out and take a few pics of the show. Guillotine is a pretty cool French Art/Toy/Sneaker/Lifestyle site that has these neat photo features of artist's studios- that's how I came to be familiar with their site. Anyway, I got to the show early to make sure I could get some good "uncrowded" pics, and shot away with my trusty old point 'n shoot digital camera. You can see the photos here. Not bad if I do say so myself- maybe I have a new career starting here...

Addendum- the good folks over at Vinyl Pulse heard I went to the Shag show as well, so I shared my pics with them too. You can experience deja vu here.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Totem Lunchbox

Totem Lunchbox
Yes, the Totem art just keeps on coming. Here's a hand-painted lunchbox currently on display at Monkeyhouse Toys for "Recess - A Custom Lunchbox Show." I had many different ideas for this project as I wanted to try a few different things. I sketched a bunch of ideas out, but ultimately came back to a native design style. I stopped by the opening this past Saturday and was impressed to see such a large turnout. I didn't hang out too long (I've got the flu bug right now) but I'm glad I stopped by to give my support. If you're in the Silverlake area you should check out the show- there's a lot of great work.

New Dunny Commission

Totem Dunny
I just finished a new commission this weekend. It's an 8-inch Dunny with a traditional NW Native American design. For this custom the design actually has a theme to it. I gave it a bear face on the front, and then on the back I designed my rendition of one of the more famous traditional Native American folk tales about the bear mother and cub. So the face on the back of the head is my rendition of the mother, and on the body is the bear cub in the womb. Surrounding all of these main elements are the usual traditional shapes and designs. Interestingly enough, this is actually the first 8-inch Dunny I've customized. It definitely won't be the last though...

Totem Skate Deck and T-Shirt Design

Totem Deck and T-Shirt Design
A while back I was randomly contacted by this little European skateboard company called Carrot Skateboards. They liked my art and asked me to create a deck and t-shirt design for them, so I whipped this up a while back. If all goes well I should get some samples of both. Pretty cool.