Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vinyl Requiem Issue #2

Vinyl Requiem Issue Two
So the kind folks over at Vinyl Requiem asked me if I wanted to submit some photos of my customs for their magazine. A few months later issue number two of their vinyl toy magazine is out and my Aqua Blossom Qee is featured on the cover- sweet. I haven't seen the mag yet, but I'm sure it's pretty cool. It's nice to see my Aqua Blossom getting some love. He's one of my favorite customs that I've done, mainly for the fact that it's so different than what I usually do. Anyway, you can pick up issue two at Lulu Press as either a printed version or a pdf download.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Look What I Found

Tofu Space Robot
So I happened to be digging around in my parent's attic and found this cool little metal toy buried under a pile of old tin cans. He's taken quite a beating through the years, but is still holding up. Okay seriously, this is my custom Tofu Robot for the upcoming Tofu Robot show at Robocon. I'd seen a couple of custom toys lately that had this old, worn-out, tin toy style, and it really caught my eye as I definitely enjoy vintage (real and faux) stuff. I'd taken a crack at a "griming" up a toy last year when I made my Recon-bot MadL, so this was just taking it a step further by actually giving it some real scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. I also (for the first time) used some enamel spray paints (from my old model kit days) for the finish, and used some little homemade templates for the designs on the body of the robot. So I definitely explored some new territory with this little guy.
Anyway, the show at Robocon is coming up later this month, so if you're in the area come check it out.

Spade-Skull Labbit

Spade-Skull Labbit
So here's my finished 5-inch Labbit for the upcoming Uberbot Labbit show. I was literally putting a couple finishing touches on it this morning, took these photos, packed it up, and dropped it off at the post office this morning- since the deadline to get it over to them is next Monday. I've been wanting to do a Totem Labbit for ages (I've had a 10-incher primed up and sitting on my desk for ages), but with the time constraints I was under for this show, a Spade-Skull it had to be. Even still, these things take a long time. I had a few issues with the yellow, and since I used a flourescent orange, once again many, many coats of paint were necessary. In the end, I really liked how this guy turned out- hopefully everyone else will too.

A few more pics of this little guy can be found over on the Kidrobot Discussion Board here.