Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Stuff

So I've finally finished up some new customs, so I thought I'd share. Now don't you feel special? First pic- a sneak peak of my piece for the upcoming Vinyl Elements show. I guess I could show the whole thing since no one really reads my blog, but hey, you never know. I don't want to upset Jack... I just packed this up to send over. Hopefully when they receive it they'll take some real pictures of it. My little digital point/shoot just isn't quite up to take studio/product shot-type pictures.
The second pic is my Spade-Skull IceBot that I painted for the Art Toy Alchemists show at Artifact Unmundane. Where is this you ask? It's down in Anahiem- yes, I was surprised when I found out there was a vinyl shop in Anahiem too. This world is full of surprises. I'm pretty sure I'll be driving down for the opening night- as long as it's on the weekend.
The third pic, are some fun little mini customs I've been working on. I call them my Spade-Skull Metal Series. It sounded cooler than saying Gold, Silver, Copper. Anyway, all three of these little guys sold at my "online preview." It's pretty scary when someone like me is setting up "online previews" by request. Like I said, this world is full of surprises...

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