Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reactor-88 Rubber Stamp

Reactor-88 Rubber Stamp
So I recently had a custom art stamp made with my spade-skull logo. This had been on my "to-do" list for I don't know how long, but after talking to Drilone about them and seeing his sig stamp, it got me motivated to finally just do it. I didn't want some modern, plastic encased thing though- I wanted something that was a bit more warm and natural. So after a Google search I came across a site that made custom art/crafter stamps mounted on a nice little maple block. Usually they don't have handles, but I opted to get one for a little bit extra. It turned out the handle was totally unnecessary and if I had known my stamp artwork was going to be engraved into the top of the block, I wouldn't have covered it up with the handle- oh well. Anyway, I really dig my little wood stamp- now I just need something to stamp and I'll be happy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Totem Monkey Paintings & Site Update

Reactor-88 Totem Monkey Paintings for New Moon show at Myplasticheart NYC
So here are the Totem Monkey paintings I made for the New Moon show at Myplasticheart that opened this past Friday. They are 6x6 acrylic on canvas. One thing that might not be immediately noticeable is that their eyes are all pointing in different directions- just a fun little detail I threw in. They sold in the preview before the show opened- thank you for your support! There are still a lot of awesome pieces left to purchase, so if you're in the NYC area you should stop by MPH and check out the show.

I also did a small Reactor-88 website update. I'm really lagging on doing updates on my actual website. It's so much easier to just post photos on Flickr, update my blog, etc, that the actual website is starting to feel like a burden. I've also been considering setting up an Etsy store- once that happens... Until then, I've posted all my latest custom toys and artwork up, and also updated my store section. I have various Spade-Skull and Totem-inspired custom toys still available and the Dr. Mario Virus Dunny set. Of course I'll also throw in some cool little Spade-Skull buttons and stickers with your purchase- yeah!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Reactor-88 Stickers

Reactor-88 Spade-Skull Stickers
I finally got my new Spade-Skull stickers in over the weekend. These are a bit more fancy than my original batch. They are about 2.5 x 3 inch, die-cut, two-color on clear vinyl, with back printing. The good people over at Sticky Rick's did these up for me and they came out really nice. Rick has been printing stickers for sticker-fiends all over for many years. If you need any stickers made, you should drop them a line and get a quote. Anyway, like my little buttons/pins, I'll be dropping a few stickers into each of the packages I ship out- fun stuff...

Dr. Mario Virus Dunny Set

Reactor-88 Dr. Mario Virus Dunny Set
Coming off the big Totem Mega Munny commission I wanted to work on a fun little side project before I started my next client piece. I'd been playing Dr. Mario on my old SNES (yes, I have a Super Nintendo) over the holidays last year and noticed that the three little viruses were pretty cool little characters. Following the along the same lines as the Dig Dug trio I completed earlier this year, I figured creating this virus set was a no brainer. I have a few more ideas for some custom mini sets, but I will be picking up my next commission this week so the fun side projects will have to be put on the back-burner once again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Totem Mega Munny

Reactor-88 Totem Mega Munny
It's FINALLY done!! I started on this commission back in June of last year and it finally landed in it's new home today. This one was a long time coming and I'm really happy to be done with it. With this guy done, I can finally move onto the next few people on my commission list- whew!
Reactor-88 Totem Mega Munny

Totem Squirms

Reactor-88 Totem Squirms
Here are the custom Squirms I painted for the It Came From Skullbrain show at Super 7. I'm honestly not a big Kaiju fan, so when I was asked to participate in this show I was a little hesitant. I have wanted to try my hand at some custom Kaiju pieces- the problem was finding a figure that would work well with my style. Anyway I agreed, and eventually decided to paint some Squirms. First up is the Robo Lucha Totem Squirm. I went a little wild with the color scheme on this one. At first I wasn't too sure how I felt about it, but he's grown on me. Second is the GID Totem Squirm. I kept the color palette really simple on this one so the focus would be on the glow- granted when the lights are on you don't see that part, but whatever. As usual, if you're up in San Francisco on the 18th, be sure to check out this show.
Reactor-88 Totem Squirms
Reactor-88 Totem Squirms
It Came From Skullbrain