Friday, January 25, 2008

An Oldie But a Goodie and the Hierogrip

Spade-Skull Thundermutt
Okay, so the Spade-Skull Thundermutt custom isn't really that old (I finished it back in November of last year), but the owner wanted to hold off a bit on revealing it to the world. Now that I've gotten the okay to display it in all it's 4-inches of vinyl glory, here it is. It's probably hard to tell in the pic, but once again I used a pearlescent enamel spray over the white base color to give it that iridescent look. One of these days I'll go crazy and use that finish on a large custom- watch out.
Hierogrip (Moneygrip custom for Get a Grip!- myplasticheart NYC)
Also, don't forget the Get a Grip! Custom Moneygrip show is tonight at myplasticheart in NYC. For those of you that won't make it to the show, here's a pic of my piece- the Hierogrip. I figure since the show has officially started (it's past 6 in NYC) it's okay to post a pic of my custom :) I just hope Vince at MPH remembers to display it backwards (as I have it in my pic.)

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cdeboda said...

These custom guys are cool. I was enjoying going over your "Toys" section on your site and seeing the different designs. Gets me interested in painting up my own vinyls and see what happens...just for fun. :)