Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Artist Formerly Known As...

So I finally got around to changing my username on the Kidrobot Discussion Board. Okay, so you didn't even know I wanted to change my name huh? Well, here's the story.
Back when I first joined the KR board in early 2006, I wanted to stick with a username I could easily remember. Well, since I used "ryanc44" for my Yahoo IM name/email (yes, now all you stalkers will be able to find me on IM now), I figured I'd use a modified version of that- hence rc44 was born.
Fast forward to about a year ago- as I started getting some recognition for my art and custom work through the board, I realized that my username is what people remembered me by, not necessarily by my real name. Then one day I just decided to Google "rc44" to see what popped up. Low and behold I had a few entries on the search results, but the majority were all about a racing sailboat. Huh? Yeah, that's what I was saying to myself. Anyway, I didn't give it much thought beyond that, and it faded away.
So fast forward to about two months ago. I started to notice that a few old people on the Kidrobot discussion board seemed to have new names. Now it didn't appear that they had created brand new accounts all over again, but in turn their old accounts had been updated with new names. This got me thinking. Why not see if I could get my current "sailboat" username updated to something actually meaningful- like my website name? Now that's an idea... So as of today, rc44 will only be known as a sailboat, and reactor88 is now the guy on the Kidrobot Discussion Board that makes all the Spade-Skull and Totem custom toys. Yeah, I figure it will confuse some people for a little bit, but that small setback will be worth it in the long run. Heaven forbid I decide to change the name of my website on day...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Updates

With the sheer ease of adding new material and pics to this blog, I find that my website updates are fewer and farther between these days. With that said, I just updated my site will all my newest custom toys. And as usual, while spending a few hours processing images and setting it all up on my site, I start thinking about how in dire need my site needs a re-design. It's hard to believe I've had that site up in it's current form for almost 2 years now- in internet/computer time that's an eternity... Anyway, I'm setting a goal to at least have a "signed-off" new site design by the end of the year. Sounds easy enough, but I've been saying that for a few months now. We'll see.

On a side note, the good folks over at Flying Fortress have posted my recent 4-inch Totem Teddy Trooper on their blog. Sweetness! Now if only Adfunture would take some notice, maybe we'd see a production Totem Teddy one day...

I've also got an interview up over on Vinyl Addiction Vox Blog. Big ups to Matthew (aka Sandman) for posting all my gibberish.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Custom Minis

Mini Spade-Skull Dunnys
Mini Totem Dunnys
Mini Flocked Spade-Skull Dunnys
Mini Mono Spade-Skull Dunny
Here's some new minis I've been working on over the past few months. Now these aren't commissions or for shows or anything like that- these were done just for fun. I like to work on minis while I'm working on bigger commissions, just to break it up a little bit. If I have someone on my commission list that wants a mini- it works out well. If not, then I just do them for myself. Since my big stuff can take months to finish, it's nice to spit out a little guy and get a little bit of instant gratification. Don't get me wrong, even my little guys can take weeks and weeks to finish- but that's usually because I'm only putting in a few minutes here and there. And usually with minis, I'm trying out ideas that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Take for instance what you have here. I've had flocking forever, and while I've flocked a few customs in the past, I really wanted to work on more. So that is how the two little flocked Spade-Skulls came to be. The totems- well, I always love working on those. But for minis I personally like the "duotone" style and have been creating a whole series of different colored ones. And of course, the regular Spade-Skull minis- these I just like making little variations, trying out new base colors and things. The red and blue ones both have a white pearlescent base coat, and the camo one is actually GID. And last but not least, there's a "mono" one- seems everybody has to have a mono colorway :) Fun stuff...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Totem Teddy Trooper

4-inch Totem Teddy Trooper
4-inch Totem Teddy Trooper
Here's my recent commission- a 4-inch Totem Teddy Trooper. Hopefully you aren't sick of seeing Totem customs, because everyone on my commission list sure isn't. Everybody wants a Totem- they're all the rage these days :) Anyway, this guy is tiny compared to the 10-inch one I finished a few months back. Even though he's a lot smaller, I tried to pack in as much detail as possible. The client wanted something with red, so I initially thought one of my "duotone" totems- red base with a black design. He then mentioned adding in white to the mix. Hmm- I wasn't sure how that would look, so I created a mock up of my sketch on the computer and created it with a red/white/black color scheme, and I must say I liked the results. So that sealed it, and off I went. As usual, the white paint needed about 4-5 coats to really get it to be opaque on the red, but the end result was definitely worth it. My favorite part of this little guy is the face on his backside- the little tongue sticking out makes me laugh...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Totem MadLs

Totem MadLs
Totem MadLs
I completed some new custom toys a few weeks back- this time it's a group of Totem MadLs. Surprisingly, these were all commissioned pieces for one person. I was surprised when I was first asked to create three of them (about a year ago) by this person. I thought he was kidding, but he was very serious. So I put his name on my list, and finally in early summer his name was at the top and I contacted him. I once again asked him if he was sure he wanted three, and once again he said yes. So fast forward a couple months later and these three Totems are complete. I think one of the intentions was to possibly have them stand on top of each other, but unfortnately the shape of the MadL head isn't completely level/flat on top, so that's not happening. I kind of wish I would've at least tried to take a pic with them stacked up on each other. Oh well, I guess I'll leave that to their new owner. Note, these guys are traveling half-way around the world- I think this was my first international commission work. So does that mean I've "gone international"? Nice...