Sunday, July 29, 2007

Totem Teddy Trooper

Totem Teddy Trooper
Totem Teddy Trooper
FINALLY! I've been working (on/off) on this guy for months (and months), so with the photos I took today I am officially saying I'm done with this beast. Needless to say when I took on this commission last year (yes, it's been that long) I didn't really know what I was getting into. I knew it was a bigger toy at 10 inches tall, but I didn't really take into consideration that it would be like painting two customs- the bear and the helmet, as they both by themselves are the size of the standard vinyl toy (7-8 inches.) And because of the sheer size and workable area of this guy, I would say it's my most complex and detailed totem custom yet. Anyway, I could've probably kept working and working and working on this guy, but I felt it was time to put the paint down, and send him off to his new home. More pics can be found on the Kidrobot Message Board. It even made it's way on the Flying Fortress blog- sweet.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sticker Shock

Spade-Skull stickers
So I finally got some stickers made. I'm not sure why it took so long- probably just blatant procrastination. I've always wanted to make some, but never really knew much about the process, where to go, etc. I guess with the sticker explosion in the last few years and prices coming down for folks like me that don't want a gagillion stickers, it was time to really investigate and get these puppies made. Plus I finally had something I could legitimately make into a sticker- my little Spade-Skull icon. After finding a fairly inexpensive, local sticker place (one of those word of mouth kind of things), I pulled the trigger. I went with some basic, one UV color rounds on white vinyl to start- kind of a trial run thing. Next time I'll probably go die-cut, clear vinyl with crack & peel backings, but since I have 500 of these, next time is gonna be a while. Anyway, these little guys will find there way into all the packages I send out to clients, and who knows where else...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dawg with Fez & Uberbot Super Labbit Show

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. Well, I guess two weeks isn't that long compared to some, but for me I like to have some sort of update every week, so it's fair to say I'm slacking. Anyway, I finished this up last week, and I just shipped it off to it's new home in paradise i.e.- Hawaii. Some backstory on "Dawg with Fez." In my quest to get back into traditional painting a few years ago, I made some little "test" paintings of some characters/doodles from my sketchbook just to get the feel of it again. Anyway, someone perusing my website saw the original mini-Dawg painting and inquired about purchasing him. Well, since the masonite panel I painted the original Dawg on wasn't prepared properly, I didn't feel comfortable selling it, as the painting might "disintegrate" in a few years- hence no more Dawg. But I did agree to do a larger, commission for the client based on the original Dawg painting- and so Dawg with Fez was born. I also included a sweet little sketch of a concept for the original Dawg painting from my sketchbook, but like a moron I didn't scan it in before I sent it off- I really need to start to remember documenting my sketches and stuff...

And on a side note, I've reluctantly decided to participate in the Uberbot Super Labbit show slated for late August. I know, I know- I'm so backlogged with commissions and other shows that I would be insane to get involved with another show, but I've really wanted to customize a 5" Labbit ever since they came out, and I love the name Uberbot. Yeah, I'm crazy. So all you on my commission list that have been patiently waiting months and months and months- sorry. Trust me, it'll all be worth the wait...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Love : Hate

Flocked Cuties
So here are my Baby Bunee Qees for the Love : Hate show presented by Subtext and Cardboard Spaceship. So by now some of you are looking at them and probably saying, "where are the skulls?" "where's the Totem-style designs?" Well, while I love creating designs based around my Spade-Skull icon and Native Northwestern Indian art, I like to mix things up a bit as well. I've been wanting to do another flocked project ever since I did my holiday custom last year, and I also wanted to do something kind of "cutesy." This little pair of Qees seemed to be the perfect candidates. I think it was very fitting for this show, just for the fact that I figure some people will love these, and some people will hate them- ha. Either way, they were a lot of fun to make (look for more flocked projects in the future.) Even if mine aren't your style, there's a big line-up of artists participating in this show, and I've seen some of the other pieces and they're top notch. So if you're down in San Diego during SDCC this month, take a breather from the convention and check this show out- you won't be disappointed.